World Taichi and Qigong Day

See you experincing benefits of ancients healing arts , book your coming on  e-mail:\_uVwbgYY

Join this year on 30 april at 12 noon at Nam van lake, Macau, China for World Taichi and Qigong day free experience taichi and qigong, bring your friends and family and share to news.  Your Coach will be Nikola Maricic from Macau with 30 years of experience teaching share this and contact Master Coach Nikola at 66882452 or and main organisation website is Welcome to World Taichi and Qigong day 2016, experience the benefits better functions of internal organs and increased energy who wants rejuvenate health, stress management, increase vitality, enhance body mind connection, increase IQ, awaken healing power and use sexual energy to enhance sport, business ideas, studies and all we do that requires extra energy.

Nikolas Maricic – One of the World’s First International WTCQD Organizers in Croatia since 2000…and now for first time in Macau in 2014, 2015 and now in 2016. 2014 and 2015 was guest on Hong Kong Qigong Health Day as Sifu with other teachers demonstrated on stage. His students will again organise in Croatia Hrvatska as they did in 2014 and 2015 too


傳上5月10日「第四屆全港氣功健康日」資料,誠邀 閤下出席參與此一年一度的全港體育養生活動,既有觀賞性,亦可親自參與體驗多種不同氣功功法。是當日母親節的好去處,歡迎一家大小同來,也歡迎代為廣傳。

自然健身氣功會 查詢:24155113 太极拳武術氣功气功武术教练馬司洋 澳門 澳门
Qigong Taichi Taijiquan wushu kung fu and taekwondo coach Nikola Maricic
short presentation

Life champions home, coach Nikola is teaching private and group classes for all ages
benefits are prolong life, improve quality of life, transform stress into vitality, balance emotions, develop intelect, strengthen body, promote creativity, gain flexibility, power, coordination, concentration, study habits, conditioning and self confidence. Contact him at wechat and line id wushunikolas or email

Nikolas教練歡迎各位來參加4月26日的練習,無論您是很少運動或是長期運動者,都可以在這裡有很棒的體驗。Nikolas有20幾年 的教練經驗,誠意邀請各位 不論您是學生、教師、公務人員、商人一起來,期待在那裡相見!

尼古拉斯教练从小热爱中国武术,自19—年开始学习太极、太极拳及气功。凭着他对中国武术过人的悟性及刻苦的训练,于19—年在克罗地亚当上 太极教练,任教于当地各社区及大学,学生中有年仅四岁的幼童,更有八十高龄的老翁。他曾参与多个国家及地区的国际性比赛,赢得无数奖项。并多 次接受当地及外地电台、电视台及报纸杂志等多个媒体的采访。在他积极推广和不懈的努力下,2003年克罗地亚成为国际武术联会的成员国。 2013年更获得克罗地亚总统接见,感谢他对武术的推广及支持他的组织。尼古拉斯教练现移居澳门,继续拓展他的教练工作,而他的学生亦继续在 克罗地亚传承他的工作。

 In 2000, Macau and Croatian Tai Chi master, Nikola Maricic, organized one of the first World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events outside of the United States, and continued to organize BEAUTIFUL WTCQD events in Croatia, year after year and since 2014 in Macau, China too, as well he was guest of same event in Hong Kong in 2014 and 2014 where he presented Health Qigong Baduanjin, Zhineng Qigong and 7 stars Qigong 

  Croatian WTCQD organizers and Tai Chi champion, Nikolas Maricic

Another inspiration to the world is the work of Macau China and Croatian WTCQD organizer and Tai Chi champion, Nikolas Maricic, who has gotten massive media coverage of his World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events in Croatia, and is working hard with organizers in Macao to organize the 1st ever WTCQD event in Macao for 2014! We look forward to sharing videos of their event. See below article for more.    



This year, in 2014, Nikolas is working to organize a WTCQD event in Macao, China. You can contact Nikolas at:

See the CNN iReport on Croatia’s past event: 

Also, read this fascinating article with Nikolas, the Croatian, and now Macao World Tai Chi & Qigong Day organizers in Violet Li’s wonderful Tai Chi Examiner Column:


Welcome to World TaiChi and Qigong Day 2014 - Healing Event Worldwide
Welcome to World TaiChi and Qigong Day 2014 –
Healing Event Worldwide
2012 World TaiChi & Qigong Day Svjetski Dan Croatia - Hrvatska - Official 13th event
2012 World TaiChi & Qigong Day Svjetski Dan Croatia – Hrvatska – Official 13th event
World TaiChi and qigong day by Wushu Nikolas
World TaiChi and qigong day Croatia 2011
by Wushu Nikolas
World TaiChi & Qigong Day 2010
World TaiChi & Qigong Day Croatia 2010
World TaiChi Taiji & Qigong Day Croatia 2009
World TaiChi Taiji & Qigong Day Croatia 2009

WTCQD Organizers in Croatia, Nikolas Maricic on national Croatian media talking about World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Croatia – 2005 event was featured on health show by most popular anchor Helga Vlahovic

Drugi Dio HRT- Govorimo o Zdravlju - Helga Vlahovic - TaiChi
Drugi Dio HRT- Govorimo o Zdravlju – Helga Vlahovic – TaiChi

Sam Pou Wa met with World Tai Chi & Qigong Day organizers in Hong Kong, and announced her intention to organize a Macao WTCQD 2014 event.

Nikolas Maricic and Sam Pou Wa in Macao are coordinating World Tai Chi & Qigong Day organizing efforts in Macao this year.

Macau WTCQD Organizer  


2002’s World Tai Chi & Qigong Day in Croatia was featured
on 2 Croatian television stations:


RiTV World taiChi & Qigong day
RiTV World taiChi & Qigong day
Croatian World TaiChi DAy 2002
Croatian World TaiChi DAy 2002

Below is a compilation of national television coverage for World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Croatia events, organized by Sifu Nikolas Maricic, now organizing in Macao for WTCQD 2014.

World taici taiji & qigong day - svjetski dan - coach Nikolas student benefits
World taici taiji & qigong day – svjetski dan – coach Nikolas student benefits

Below, Croatian WTCQD organizer, Nikolas, demonstrated for the International Women’s Club, seen by 13,000 members of the group.

International Women's Club Taijiquan 42 demonstration
International Women’s Club Taijiquan 42 demonstration

World Taichi Qigong Day

see you , book your coming on\_uVwbgYY
Welcome to World Taichi and Qigong day 2016, experience the benefits
beter functions of internal organs and increased energy
who wants rejuvenate health, stress management, increse vitality, enhance body mind connection, increase IQ, awaken healing power and use sexual energy to enhance sport, business ideas, studies and all we do that requires extra energy. I teach in form of regular classes individualy or group, workshop, seminars and even online

Open letter to World Tai Chi and Qigong Day Supporters and Participants from the Founders

Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Supporters & Participants,

This global wave of goodwill provides a vision of hope and healing to a world hungry for such visions. Each year to view the photos of people from different cultures, religions, and every corner of the earth . . . breathing together . . . in this global Tai Chi & Qigong movement . . . is profound. When you look thru the photographs and videos you see that “look” on people’s faces, a look that conveys a feeling that all of us who’ve experienced the well-being that Qi, or life energy, expands through our mind and body when we make the space to breathe . . . and to let, calm, and wellness expand thru us. When you see that look in all these diverse faces, from so many different lands, you can’t help but deeply realize that we are indeed “one world . . . and, . . . one breath.” We are all connected by the field of life energy that physicists are now discovering permeates all existence. By immersing ourselves in the field of life energy again and again, we become more and more grounded in the absolute reality that . . . we are all connected . . . all part of the web of life. And, by cultivating and growing the realization personally and globally, we may help in a subtle quiet way to usher in a more elegant future that nurtures us all in ways we cannot yet even imagine.

Again, thank you for making this extraordinary event and health movement possible thru your organizing and participation each year. Sincerely, Bill Douglas & Angela Wong Douglas, Co-Founders of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day.

In this day and age, with the emerging medical research that has emerged regarding Tai Chi / Qigong’s ability to boost immune system, lower high blood pressure, treat ADD and ADHD, etc. etc. etc. . . . TAI CHI / QIGONG SHOULD BE PART OF EVERY SCHOOL’S EDUCATION PROGRAMS. Every child should be graduating high school a Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and Transcendental Meditation master. Why not?

How much crime, health cost, spousal and child abuse would simply vanish if our societies were filled with mind/body science masters. With a one hour per day Physical Education class for students, teaching them these powerful mind/body tools . . . they could be masters by graduation. This is achievable !! Every corporation should teach Tai Chi & Qigong through their Wellness Programs. Every hospital should have many Tai Chi & Qigong programs.

We hold a vision, not of just growing our classes because of ego, or money . . . but a vision of lifting our entire planet’s health and consciousness thru sharing these profound mind/body tools evolved over mellenia of Eastern, and now global research. World Tai Chi & Qigong Day . . . is more than a celebration . . . it is a catalyst to a new way of functioning for our communities and the whole of humanity.

To see the truly world-encompassing nature of this event, watch the videos World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Event Photo Gallery and World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Event Photo Gallery – Pt 2.

Last Saturday in April (every year).

World T’ai Chi & Qigong Day was started in the late 1990’s by Bill Douglas, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to T’ai Chi & QiGong Illustrated, Fourth Edition, and his wife Angela Wong as a way to introduce people to the profound healing and health maintenance benefits of Tai Chi (a moving form of Qigong) and Qigong.  The event has grown into a worldwide phenomena, practiced in over sixty countries.  It starts at 10 AM in the earliest time zone the last Saturday every April, and flows as a gentle wave across the entire planet. People feeling the incredible stress management benefits of these ancient tools realize what they offer humanity, and have begun to come together to share that awareness with society at large . . . and at a time when the world needs it the most.

Transforming Our Lives and Our Planet with Tai Chi and Qigong. National Qigong Association interview with Bill Douglas, World Tai Chi and Qigong Day founder.

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day Online Media Resources

More information and media resources on WTCQD, including example proclamations by various levels of government, can be found on the World Tai Chi and Qigong Day web site. This site also has a 5 minute-Power-Point-Presentation on the History of World T’ai Chi & Qigong Day.

Master Coach Nikola Maricic from Macau, China organised this event since its beginings started in city of Rab 2000 then moved to Rijeka 2001, 2002 and 2003 then to Zagreb from 2004 to 2013 , Croatia. in Macau in 2014 and 2015 then again this year you can join in Macau , as well to his students in Croatia..

Organising World Taichi and Qigong day since year 2000, one photo from that event is at atachment, no video from that event but was featured in daily news

2001  world taichi qigong day


And from 2002 here is actual day

2004 from HRT about benefits


2005  on National TV HRT HTV coach Nikola

And here number one authority on diabetes in Croatia DR. Dalibor Krpan  talk about taichi benefits from same tv as video 1

2009 FROM national tv HERE










2013 wtcqd


2014 croatia


Coach Nikola Maricic from Macau guest in Hong Kong World Qigong day




2015 croatia

coach Nikola Maricic introduced world taichi qigong day to Tunis group


  training in Macau regularly or in your city as a workshop for 4 to 5 hours to introduce you to great program you can do at home or with your group go to chat to apply see you if you interested in sport of taekwondo or wushu and qigong, this is chance to start or advancein your training with coach Nikola Maricic 30 years experience in teaching

BE A HEALING PART OF HISTORY!   Be a part of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day!
Last Saturday of April each year (10 am local time) in 100s of cities, spanning 80 nations,

people come together, to breathe together, providing a healing vision for our world.
Help spread the word! WTCQD is April 30, 2016.    One World … One Breath


in these cities contact:

Macau, China master Nikola Maricic wechat/line wushunikolas,

Opatija and Rijeka master Viktor Iglic

and Zagreb instructor Zeljka Dermit

for other cities check on

World Taichi and Qigong Kung Fu (qigong was called Kung fu in China around 300 years ago since require disipline and training work) day in over 80 countries – join this healing wave in your city on 25 april at 10 a.m. worldwide, and in Macau come to Nam Van Lake as you see on photos or conatct master coach Nikola at to make sure location is same or it was changed. Also help spread the word in many ways you can as well you can join  and share, possibilities are endless. In Hong KOng join in Wai Tsuen Sports Centre , contact master Maricic at above facebook or wechat id wushunikolas to get the details

You will experience self healing and structural exercises as well experince some taijiquan taichi form no matter if you are a beginner or experinced master, everyone is welcome

World Taichi and Qigong Day

Find classes in your city

world taichi and qigong day, join me

at the beginning of video is scene from Hungar Wushu seminar in Sicilia, i am wearing white t-shirt and blue pants. You can also see many of my work as well as working with tetraplegic and paraplegic society, enjoy and share



Sifu Coach Nikolas Maricic this year attended 2 events one in Macau on 26 april and one in Hong Kong Qigong Health Day 2014 27april in response to World Taichi and Qigong Day organised by Nature Health Qigong Association and Heung Yee Kuk New Territories. This year was bige event with many organisations and guests from all over , especialy exercise against cancer , and one of the guests was Master Sifu Lee Chang-Chih with his traditional and fun qigong , i also received a gift from him a book and DVD with computerized showing od meridians flow for each exercise in Baduanjin form. Organiser of this event is Master and Doctor Luk Wai Sum and she did amazing job in this event.
Once upon a time a wushu and taekwondo coach saw on CNN that first World day will be in 2000., and in 1999. started to prepare for this NOW in 2014. GLOBAL HEALING EVENT ,here you can see one step in that preparation as well athletes using taijiquan to be beter athletes and achive more in sports and life

15 years later Master Coach Nikolas Maricic (wushu, qigong, taichi, taekwondo) from Croatia is a NON STOP organiser of this event in Croatia 3 diferent cities and this year in Macau at Nam Van lake.
for other events visit and be sure to reserve your place for next year 2015. Master Nikolas eforts was recognized by President of Republic of Croatia, by Croatian Ministry for sport and education and many more, as well he made Croatia full member of IWUF in 2003. Jiayou !!!!!!!!
Also atending Chinese Opera in Macau and performing in music festivals and concerts



尼古拉斯教练从小热爱中国武术,自1985 年开始学习太极、太极拳及气功。凭着他对中国武术过人的悟性及刻苦的训练,于1992 年在克罗地亚当上太极教练,任教于当地各社区及大学,学生中有年仅四岁的幼童,更有八十高龄的老翁。他曾参与多个国家及地区的国际性比赛,赢得无数奖项。并多次接受当地及外地电台、电视台及报纸杂志等多个媒体的采访。在他积极推广和不懈的努力下,2003年克罗地亚成为国际武术联会的成员国。 2013年更获得克罗地亚总统接见,感谢他对武术的推广及支持他的组织。尼古拉斯教练现移居澳门,继续拓展他的教练工作,而他的学生亦继续在克罗地亚传承他的工作。

U Zagrebu grupa ucenika majstora Nikolas Maricic-a proslavila je ovaj dan s vjezbama u Parku Maksimir. Taichi je kineska zdravstvena gimnastika kao i borilacka vjestina i sport dio sport Wushu koji je majstor i trener Nikolas prvi u Hrvatskoj doveo i pridruzio Hrvatsku u Medjunarodni Wushu savez 2003 godine kao punopravnu clanicu sta stoji zabiljezeno i u statutu IWUF od 2003 godine i natjecao se i predstavljao Hrvatsku na dva svjetska Prvenstva i osvoji zlatne medalju u Kini i na Kupu Mediterana u wushu sportu.
Svjetski Taichi i & Qigong Chikung Dan od 2000 u Hrvatskoj

sluzbeni organizator je trener laoshi jiaolian Nikolas Maricic

Ovaj dogadjaj ove godine odrzao se je 26. travnja i je priznat od UN Svjestke Zdravstvene Organizacije , ima potporu od Predsjednika RH te je majstor Maricic i njegov program priznat od strane MZOS-a odrzao se je 15-tu godinu za redom (sve stoji na youtube kanalima, blogovima i TV, novinama,.. ) te je majstor zajedno sa svojim ucenicima bio gost na nekoliko emisija HRT-a Dobro Jutro Hrvatska te OTV i novinama da obavijesti javnost o koristima ove vjestine za zdravlje i sport. Organizator od 2000 je Nikolas Maricic i ove godine u Zagrebu odrzao se je ovaj dogadjaj u Maksimiru na pozornici, predivna energija i vjezbe koje su vodili njegovi ucenici. Za iducu godinu i za vjezbe u Zagrebu svakako se prijavite. Te na vjezbe kod Nikolasovih ucenika u parku Maksimir i na Ravnicama

trener je voluntirao u Domu Umirovljenika Ravnice te se jos mozete prijaviti, Dijabetickom Drustvu u Zagrebu, poducavao je u osnovnim i srednjim skolama te je takodjer njegov program bio priznat studentima Agronomskog i Sumarskog fakulteta te je predavao Taijiquan na Konfucijevom institutu Sveucilista u Zagrebu…

Trener je takodjer kljucan za pristup Hrvatske u Medjunarodni Wushu Savez 2003. godine kao punopravna clanica tog saveza i natjecao se kao sportas na dva svjetska prvenstva, pobjednik je KUpa Mediterana u wushu sportu, te velikog natjecanja u Kini , Jiaozuo pored Chen sela i Shaolin Hrama, te dva puta za redom osvajac zlata na Medjunarodnom Hong Kong Wushu Prventsvu. vise na

Majstor trener Nikolas Maricic ove godine je odrzao dogadjaj u Makau, Kina i bio je gost u nedjelju 27 travnja na velikom dogadjaju u Hong Kongu , Hong Kong Zdravstveni Qigong Dan kamo su bili majstori i polaznici iz preko 15 centara te doktori i celni ljudi grada.

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