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UNESCO/NHK Videos on Heritage
Macao, a lucrative port of strategic importance in the development of international trade, was under Portuguese administration from the mid-16th century until 1999, when it came under Chinese sovereignty. With its historic street, residential, religious and public Portuguese and Chinese buildings, the historic centre of Macao provides a unique testimony to the meeting of aesthetic, cultural, architectural and technological influences from … Source: UNESCO TV / © NHK Nippon Hoso Kyokai URL:
Macau 澳門 – 澳门 International Taekwondo Championships will be from 2 to 4 october 2017 – contact to apply and come with your team – in both kyorugi sparring and poomsae forms, as well as speed running for small children
where coach Nikola will also participate in poomsae discipline ( here Macau coach Nikola Maricic gold medal performance from last edition in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia )

In empty field or to e-mail write your personal or your group goals so i know what to include in your training, also write available times for you to attend my training or when to invite me to your company, sport club, fitness center, school, university, dance club, theater,..or if you wish presentation with music by coach and athlete Nikola in your event, also wich city you are in if you want to organise a workshop with coach Nikola Maricic or if you coming to Macau. Coach Nikola use open space or if you prefer organise indoor. Can present 3 to 6 minutes taichi taijiquan show, 6 or 12 minutes health qigong presentation both with music. can teach you body structure, theory and practice of chinese qigong and taijiquan as well as taekwondo winning training , plus mental training

Here You can see 20minutes demo and presentations videos of coach and athlete Nikolas now teaching in Macau as well as workshops around the world. From International Women organisation , Physical Education University, Championships, Senior citizen demo, Samurai night event, world taichi and qigong day, with music of famous Amy barbera, Confucius Institute demo with Nikolas laoshi, as well as Hong Kong Qigong day where coach Nikolas was invited to perform on stage in front of more then 1000 people.

if you in Osaka, Kyoto Japan on 19, 20 may contact wechat /line id : wushunikolas . same for Macau , China and Hong Kong, Thailand , on other dates. you can also book for your city if coach is available

Can teach all over 12 hours workshop for basic structure, internal organs, tendons and bones workout plus using the corect structure in taijiquan form and wisdom healing qigong, also can teach 12 hour workshop for athletes of any sport as well as taekwondo how to use structure to be better at their sport , organiser have to arange the dates and notify master coach Nikolas at or wechat id wushunikolas, to see when he is available, also organiser cover expenses of travel and hotel and food plus 12 hours workshop fee. Or just come to Macau and use the beautiful Macau nature to practice with your group or individualy with personal coach / personal trainer master Nikolas Poisons we take in todays world are influencing our internal system in a way people think it is giving us energy booster, actually it is draining our system, that draining we experince as energy at that moment that awakes us yet is takes energy away from us. So we are training our system to turn poisons and stress into usefull energy we call it positive energy. Let me teach you how to to do that , conact me in inbox at or e-mail me at and come to Macau to learn And truly thirsty person is never to shy to ask for water, meaning if we seek methods for training or knowledge of any kind you will certainly ask and practice the method (drink the water) Hong Kong Qigong day presentation Taijiquan presentation with a group (i can perform alone too with nice choice of music) as well as Teach to your group or individually – – International Womens Club presentation 2005 Samurai night performance 2011 Teaching at Motovun Film Festival , morning and evening classes, summer 28.7. to 1.8. 2012 – Teaching at Tunisia for 7 days , july 2012, early morning qigong mediations of internal smile and small universe meditation, 6 healing sounds, yi chin ching, 5 taoist exercise and self healing, taijiquan forms and wushu in the woods and on the beach,…. – Teaching at Opening Week of Confucius Institute in Zagreb, Croatia, called Chinese Culture Week from 14. to 18. may 2012. – Teaching in high school and University as gym class, wushu taichi and qigong program made by Nikolas recognized by Croatian Ministry of Sport, Science and Technology from 2002. to present – Netherland workshop during Netherland Open Championships organized by Stichting Taiji Netherland member of TCFE, November 17. and 18. 2001. – teaching paraplegics and tetraplegics – teaching at diabetes society and at arthritis society – and many more in 2014 3 gold medals in 56 Chen TaijiQuan Compulsory, 24 and 42 style Taijiquan In 2013. won 3 gold medals 1. Fitness Qigong Eight triagrams boxing in wushu gongli , wushu gongfa and fitness qigong performance 2. 42 style Taiji Quan , Wushu taolu championships 3. Yang style Compulsory Taiji Quan, Wushu taolu championships European taijiquan Champion, 2013 Lignano, Italy 2 gold medals at Mediterranean Wushu championships 2010. with taijiquan modern and traditional disiplines International Taijiquan Champion, 2007, Jiaozuo, China organised by Chinese Wushu Association Croatian National taekwondo poomse Champion and coach of first team croatia poomse champions in 1999. gold medal individual and with students as a team at Switzerland Open taijiquan Championships 2002.Perform everywhere to make wushu and qigong more popular, sport and method of making athletes healthier and stronger.

Hrvat majstor i sportas Nikolas Maricic (jos uvijek aktivan sportas i trener) koji je uveo Hrvatsku u IWUF kao punopravnu clanicu jos 2003. godine takodjer je u ovom jako vaznom videu koji govori o Taijiquan-u (oko 24 minute ukupno) crvene hlace i bijela majica blize ekranu na oko 2 minute i 44 sekundi . Trening na ovom stadionu trajao je preko 4 sata odmah poslije rucka pod vodstvom svjetske wushu prvakinje Qiu Hui Fang i nasljednika 5. generacije Yang stila Taijiquana Cui Zhong San

About Taijiquan great documentary

Nikolas Maricic trener nastoji siriti kinesku kulturu na predivan nacin


Also coach Nikola with more then 30 years experience teaching ( since 1985) will have chinese Qigong and Taijiquan classes, learn Chinese way of exercise and meditation, at Nam van Lake in Macau, it includes taoist Yoga, active and passive meditations, taijiquan forms, 12 meridian healing, small universe meditation, Health Qigong, Chinese way of fitness and wellness, martial arts qigong, budhist qigong, medical qigong combination of winning meditations for your modern day living, making the stress work for you not against you, make every training mini vacation for you. Also champion training for taekwondo Contact master coach Nikolas at wechat/weixin id wushunikolas , or call or text message at +85366882452

long video – What You can achieve if you learn from Coach and Athlete Nikolas

Can Qigong really treat Parkinson’s disease? this article take from

Yes, according to a recent study. The researchers tested 54 people with moderate Parkinson’s disease. The researchers divided the patients into two groups. One group was treated with ongoing medications. The other group was treated with the same medications but also with 10 weeks of Qigong exercise.

The Qigong exercise group participated in Qigong five times each week for the 10-week period. Each session lasted for 60 minutes long. These consisted of 10 minutes of warm-up, 10 minutes of cool-down, and 40 minutes of Qigong. These included many of the forms mentioned above.

After the 10 weeks, the researchers compared the two groups as to their Parkinson’s symptoms. The main measures were:

• Muscle hardness
• Hand-eye coordination (using jar turnovers)
• Action control capacity
• Walking balance, gait and stride (TUG for “timed up and go”)
• Physical stability
• One-legged blind balance test

Each of these tests measures the person’s physical function ability with respect to their Parkinson’s disease.

The research found that the Parkinson’s patients responded positively to the Qigong treatment. For example, in the one-legged balance test, the Qigong group improved from 7.21 to 11.13 on the left side, and from 6.93 to 9.08 on the right side.

Meanwhile, the medication-only group showed no significant differences in scores.

TUG test times significantly changed for the Qigong group as well. The average times for the TUG routine went from 11.19 seconds to 6.92 seconds. Again, the medication-only group showed no significant difference in scores.

The same thing happened for left- and right-hand coordination tests. The Qigong group’s scores went from 8.05 to 6.45 seconds on the right side, and 8.19 to 6.22 on the left side. Again, the medication-only group showed no significant difference.

Muscle hardness test scores also improved significantly for the Qigong group. But not for the medication-only group.

The researchers reviewed their results:

“After the 10 weeks of Health Qigong exercise, the experiment compared muscle hardness on the left and right sides of the round pronator muscle, hand-eye coordination on the left and right sides, stability on the left and right sides, TUG test results on the left and right sides, and the time of one-legged blind balance test on the left and right sides.”

They further concluded:

“It was found that Health Qigong exercise could significantly improve Parkinson’s disease patients’ muscle hardness, functional walking capacity, hand-eye coordination, stability, and balance.”

The researchers also addressed whether ongoing Qigong could further improve the patients’ outcomes:

“Researchers believe 10 weeks is too short of a time period. If patients continue the exercise program for a longer time, the effects on Parkinson’s disease will be more significant.”

Master coach Nikola Maricic can teach you or better yet guide you to experience deeper health , best is by visiting him in Macau, China and lets experience health in a different way by going deeply to your body, internally to let the energy flow freely, of course need some work, it is not magic, it is a science and need you to be a scientist and research your own body , are you willing to experince it ? contact master coach at , subject: experience deep health

now watching Oscar and got flashes of my memory back when some of my students got better with asthma, allergies,parkinson … watching #Oscars Jackie Chan, Michael J Fox ,can watch their movies again and again.would love to teach health qigong to my idols

Michael J Fox , Jackie Chen movies i grew up on , amazing source : CCTV

La Tunisie accueille les premiers cours pour instructeurs de taichi et de qigong FITAQI (Formation internationale de Tai chi et de Qigong) organisé à Tunis par Me Ariel BETTI sous la direction de Me Luc Bendza et Me Roger Itier.

First Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructors’course hosted in Tunisia . if you wish to come apply for it . Now to Tunisia, where the first martial arts instructors training course in Tai Chi and Qi Gong is being hosted. The sport is little known in the country, but organizers are hoping that it will soon grow in popularity.

 They are students, doctors, and managers. But for the past week they’ve left their desks and offices to take part in this workshop to become Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructors. Wassim is a company manager. He suffers health problems. But regular practice of Qigong has helped him get better.

 “I have blood circulation problems, but with regular practice of Qi Gong, I feel great improvement. For Tunisians – considering the high-stress level and the problems that our country faces, this is a great way to beat the stress and to find a good balance between focus and personal goals,” Wassim said.

 And to give them the best start, the training is led by two masters. Professor Luc Bendza from the Beijing University, as well as an actor and action movie star, and Roger Itier, world vice-champion of Kung Fu and expert in Tai Chi and Qi Gong. They say there’s a new demand for the practice in this region that comes with social and political changes.

”I’ve travelled to France, Europe, and North Africa to promote and explain Chinese martial arts. Tunisian candidates are great and very engaging…., as well as political changes, which have created a lot of anxiety, and so Tai Chi and Qi Gong will help make people less vulnerable to this kind of stress,” Roger said.

Minutes before the final exam, students are making their last preparations before taking to the stage in front of their masters.

 “I feel stressed now, just like in any exam, because I have to put everything that I’ve learned and I must be up to expectations,” said Meriem Sghir, martial arts student.

 This is the first class of Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructors in Tunisia. Every move and every breath matters in front of the expert eyes of their judges. After a long week of training and examinations, students meet again to receive their certificates as the organizers plan to spread the martial arts across the country.

”In the future, we would like to see more trainers and professors who will promote Tai Chi and Qi Gong. A happy person is a healthy person, so it was important for us to come to Tunisia to promote and train people, which will also improve the relationship between China and Tunisia,” said Luc Bendza, professor, Beijing Sports University.

 Whether for heath or relaxation purposes, these people have come to search for inner balance and peace, and they will leave with not just martial arts certificates, but also with new friends as well.

First Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructors’ course hosted in Tunisia WELCOME IN 2017 APPLY HERE

Here comes FITAQI 2017,  apply here and below in email and contact information here Taijiquan Taichi First Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructors’ course hosted in Tunisia in 2016

welcome to Second one 2017 now

The first martial arts instructors training course in Tai Chi and Qi Gong is being hosted in Tunisia. The sport is little known in the country, but organizers are hoping that it will soon grow in popularity. CCTV’s Youssef Gaigi reports from the capital Tunis.

Tunisia hosts first Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructors’ course

World Tai Chi and Qigong day Tunisia 2016/Journée mondiale du Tai chi et Qigong en Tunisie Journée mondiale du Tai chi et Qigong en Tunisie

Luc Bendza: A Gabonese star shines in China

master coach Nikola Maricic from Macau, China bor and worked in Croatia in

CCTV “Behind the Mystery” Series: Taijiquan 太极拳秘境 Laoshi Wushu Nikolas with Taijiquan Taichi Grandmasters

in CCTV Behind The Mystery series of Taijiquan – here is part of that video . Nikolas is in the beginning of video in red pants and white t-shirt — with Chen Xiaowang.
CCTV “Behind the Mystery” Series: Taijiquan 太极拳秘境 from 2.52 to 2.59 here you can see in red pants and white t-shirt master Nikolas under guidance of world Wushu Champion Qiu Hui Fang and 5th generation Yang style Master Cui Zhing San member of comitee of Beijing Wushu Association

Here comes FITAQI 2017,  apply here and below in email and contact information

The second edition of the International Diplomatic Training of Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation open to all under the guidance of high-ranking master coaches in the world. This training is certified by the highest international bodies of the different continents.

This training will be delivered in the form of theoretical and practical courses for 8 days with the highest levels in the field; Assesed by a theoretical and practical examination under the guidance of high-ranking experts, as well as a federal and international diploma in one of the disciplines.

Exceptional training provided by the experts:

– from China, Professor Luc Bendza 7 th duan (Teacher at the Beijing Sports University and Vice-Chairman of the Traditional Commission at IWUF)

– de France Me Roger Itier French federal expert (7th duan).

-de Macau Me Nikolas Maricic 4th duan (multiple Tai Chi and Qigong world champion) Meditation teacher

– USA, Me Bill Douglas, world leader of Tai Chi and Qigong, founder of World Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong Day and best-selling author

– USA, Me Angela Wong Douglas, World Leader of Tai Chi and Qigong, co-founder of World Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong Day and best-selling author


-4 days of training for the Qigong degree with 36 hours of training

-4 days of training for the tai chi chuan diploma. With 36 hours of training

– Practical and theoretical lessons organized around the major themes of Chinese energy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, stress management, wellness, and teaching pedagogy.

-01 day of examination under the supervision of the authorities of the Beijing Sports University

-Registration of official diploma during World Tai Chi and Qigong Day by high-level experts and world leaders

With 09 hours of instruction per day, the technical and pedagogical assessments will demonstrate by demonstration, bodily skills and talents of the candidate’s pedagogue.

Contact :

(+216) 208 52876 /

71280111 /

NB: The courses will be in French and English


-A TRAINING (Tai chi chuan or Qigong): 1000 dinars

-TWO FORMATIONS (Tai chi chuan and Qigong): 1500 dinars


Certified by:

– Beijing Sports University

– The French University of Wushu


– The Chinese Association of Martial Arts

– The Tunisian Federation of Wushu Kung fu

– Tunisian Sports and Labor Federation

C’est officiel la Tunisie, sera le centre du Tai chi, Qigong et Méditation dans le monde du 20 – 30 Avril avec la présence des plus hauts experts du domaine …

Avril, un mois dont vous vous souviendrez…

It’s official Tunisia, will be the center of the tai chi, Qigong and meditation in the world of 20-April 30, with the presence of the most senior experts of the field…

April, a month that you will remember…

Voici venu FITAQI 2017,

La deuxième édition de la Formation internationale Diplômante de Tai chi, Qigong et Méditation ouverte à tous sous la direction de hauts gradés dans le monde. Cette formation est certifiée par les plus hautes instances internationales des différents continents.

Cette formation sera dispensée sous forme de cours théoriques et pratiques pendant 8 jours avec les plus hauts niveaux dans le domaine ; Sanctionnée par un examen théorique et pratique sous la direction d’experts de hauts rangs, ainsi qu’un diplôme fédéral et international dans l’une ou l’autre des disciplines.

Une formation exceptionnelle assurée par les experts :

– de Chine, le Professeur Luc Bendza 7 ème duan (Enseignant à l’université de sport de Pékin et vice-président de la commission traditionnelle à IWUF)

– de France Me Roger Itier expert fédéral français (7ème duan).

-de Macau Me Nikolas Maricic 4ème duan (multiple champion du monde de Tai chi et de Qigong) enseignant de Méditation

-des USA, Me Bill Douglas, Leader mondial du Tai chi et Qigong, fondateur de la Journée mondiale de Tai chi chuan et Qigong et best-selling author

-des USA, Me Angela Wong Douglas, Leader mondial du Tai chi et du Qigong, co-fondatrice de La journée mondiale du Tai chi Chuan et du Qigong et best-selling author


-4 jours de formation pour le diplôme Qigong avec 36 heures de formation

-4 jours de formation pour le diplôme tai chi chuan. Avec 36 heures de formation

-Cours pratiques et théoriques s’organisant autour des grands thèmes de l’énergétique chinoise, de la Médecine traditionnelle chinoise, de la gestion du stress, du bien –être, et de la pédagogie de l’enseignement.

-01 jour d’examen sous la surveillance des autorités de l’Université de sport de Pékin

-Remise de diplôme officielle pendant la journée mondiale du Tai chi et Qigong par des experts de haut niveau et responsables mondiaux

Avec 09 heures de cours par jour, Les évaluations techniques et pédagogiques mettront en évidence par la démonstration, les compétences corporelles et les talents de pédagogue du candidat.

Contact :

(+216) 208 52876 /


NB : Les cours seront en français et en anglais


-UNE FORMATION ( Tai chi chuan ou Qigong) : 1000 dinars

-LES DEUX FORMATIONS ( Tai chi chuan et Qigong) : 1500 dinars


Diplômes certifiés par :

– L’Université des sports de Pékin

– L’université française de Wushu


– L’Association Chinoise des arts martiaux

– La Fédération Tunisienne de Wushu Kung fu

– Fédération Tunisienne du sport et Travail

7 (6) 124 when  you train wushu qigong taijiquan with me you will train it as a sport or health exercise 155 why i compete , because i love the art and love to see many athletes  and i dont achieve results the 168 Everyone has its own preferences , but for me Wushu is all, as coach and master is not up to me to g 199 www_alivenotdead_com_nikolasmw  www_facebook_com_wushuqigong_2 1382841_10202157041351631_1563494193_n 1362614690257 wushu-qigong-iwuf (16) wushu-qigong-iwuf (19) wushu-qigong-iwuf (53) wushu-qigong-iwuf (55) wushu-qigong-iwuf (82) wushu-qigong-iwuf (83) wushu-qigong-iwuf (85) wushu-qigong-iwuf (99) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA wushu-qigong-iwuf (107) wushu-qigong-iwuf (108) wushu-qigong-iwuf (109) wushu-qigong-iwuf (113) wushu-qigong-iwuf (114) wushu-qigong-iwuf (121) wushu-qigong-iwuf (122) wushu-qigong-iwuf (124) wushu-qigong-iwuf (139) wushu-qigong-iwuf (143) wushu-qigong-iwuf (145) wushu-qigong-iwuf (148) wushu-qigong-iwuf (149) wushu-qigong-iwuf (151) wushu-qigong-iwuf (152) wushu-qigong-iwuf (154) wushu-qigong-iwuf (157) wushu-qigong-iwuf (158) wushu-qigong-iwuf (160) wushu-qigong-iwuf (162) wushu-qigong-iwuf (170) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA wushu-qigong-iwuf (176) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA wushu-qigong-iwuf (183) wushu-qigong-iwuf (184) wushu-qigong-iwuf (185) wushu-qigong-iwuf (186) wushu-qigong-iwuf (192) wushu-qigong-iwuf (197) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA wushu-qigong-iwuf (200) wushu-qigong-iwuf (201) wushu-qigong-iwuf (202) wushu-qigong-iwuf (204) wushu-qigong-iwuf (217) wushu-qigong-iwuf (229) wushu-qigong-iwuf (230) wushu-qigong-iwuf (231) wushu-qigong-iwuf (245) wushu-qigong-iwuf-iwuf (1) wushu-qigong-iwuf-iwuf (1) wushu-qigong-iwuf-iwuf (2) wushu-qigong-nikolas-2 wushu-visitcard wusucompilation


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