Pham Photography Earth Day 2016 – Friday, April 22nd, the first in our five-year countdown to Earth Day’s 50th: Earth Day 2020! This is the perfect time to share with you our theme for Earth Day 2016: Trees for the Earth! join for 30 minutes practice then go to your lunch Coach Nikola Maricic join it with teaching you ancient qigong exercise that is considered mother of all Qigong or Holding the Tree, that gets you in touch with the roots of our Earth and life of our Sun Also is great preparation for World Healing Day or World Taichi and Qigong day that is held on 30 april 2016 at nam Van lake

Join this year on 30 april at 12 noon at Nam van lake, Macau, China for World Taichi and Qigong day free experience taichi and qigong, bring your friends and family and share to news.  Your Coach will be Nikola Maricic from Macau with 30 years of experience teaching share this and contact Master Coach Nikola at 66882452 or and main organisation website is Welcome to World Taichi and Qigong day 2016, experience the benefits better functions of internal organs and increased energy who wants rejuvenate health, stress management, increase vitality, enhance body mind connection, increase IQ, awaken healing power and use sexual energy to enhance sport, business ideas, studies and all we do that requires extra energy.

Pham Photography and Richard Kasica Photography with 教练馬司洋 coach Nikola Maricic


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