Hong Kong Open 香港武術聯會 香港太极锦标赛2014年

Great news from Hong Kong 香港武術聯會 香港太极锦标赛2014年
Master coach and athlete Nikola Maricic wushunikolas 馬司洋

won gold medal at Hong Kong open Taichi Championships organised by

Hong Kong Wushu Union http://www.hkwushuu.com.hk member of IWUF 2014全港公開武術(競賽及傳統)錦標賽
compteted in traditional event and won gold medal for my perfromance from 22 to 23 november 2014 in Hong Kong

全港公開武術錦標賽 全港公開 http://www.hkolympic.org/events_detail.php?id=980
PHOTOS you can find on this album and if you want original photo let me know


Welcome to 4th Macau International Martial Arts Wushu Festival from 16 to 19 august 2015. http://www.macau-wsj.com https://wushunikolas.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/welcome-to-international-macau-wushu-martial-arts-festival/ International wushu tournament澳門武術 2015 Macau joined by schools all over the world,     here is album from last one https://www.facebook.com/wushu.croatia/media_set?set=a.10203961365738613.1073741850.1356570189&type=3
mmexport1416675068899 [Desktop Resolution] 2014ttc [Desktop Resolution] img1416727303727 [Desktop Resolution] img1416727419221 [Desktop Resolution] img1416676534153 [Desktop Resolution] 2014-11-23 01.00.47 [Desktop Resolution] 2014-11-23 00.59.48 [Desktop Resolution] 2014-11-23 01.01.34 img1415329927700

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