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started teaching external arts Wushu,in 1985 then internal arts in 1994, oganised worldtaichiday event in Croatia since 2000.,teaching and living in Macau, China, Macau taichi Champion, Macau taekwondo champion and KOrea Open Taekwondo champion 2016, Gyeongju, KOrea,… more at and about master coach
Master Coach Nikolas appears shortly in CCTV “Behind the Mystery” Series: Taijiquan 太极拳秘境 from 2.52 to 2.59 coach Nikolas red pants and white t-shirts under guidance of world Wushu Champion Qiu Hui Fang and 5th generation Yang style Master Cui Zhong San member of comitee of Beijing Wushu Association.
from HANBAN about coach Nikolas
Nikolas Maricic, Macau, China id, brought to Macau and Croatia 2 medals and pass the test for duanwei level from this amazing and large event in Shaolin 郑州国际少林武术节 2014 And 11 people out of 2000 people were choosen and received reward for contribution to theWushu art and sport on stage at closing ceremony of 10th International Shaolin Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou, China Nikolas is third from the left wechat id wushunikolas

1415331554345 - Copy 1415331554345 MACAUSPORT3 visit-card-zhengzhou1

Grandmaster Cui Zhong San , Beijing Wushu and Taijiquan 11 th Beijing International Wushu Invitation Tournament hosted by the Beijing Wushu Institute

This event will be held at Shijingshan Gymnasium, in Beijing. It has successfully taken place eight times since 1994. It is the highest level and largest scale international Wushu competition in Beijing.
and #CNNiReport #CNN #CCTV

One of best Tai Chi masters today
Professors Men Hui Feng, Kan Gui Xiang and Grandmaster Cui Zhong San in Hong Kong at Jao Tsung-I Academy
demonstrations of Dong Yue Taijiquan

grandmaster Cui Zhong San, Yang style Taijiquan Taichi lineage
masters and coaches performing
7 days seminar in chinese wushu association training place in Beijing with worlds top wushu masters
master coach Nikola Maricic is at the back in blue uniform
now teaching and coaching qigong, taijiquan and taekwondo in Macau, China
before that he introduced country Croatia to IWUF and worked in promotion of Wushu and Qigong, even got award for contribution in wushu from Shaolin Wushu festival organisers
competed at 2 world wushu championships , mediterranean wushu cup, international championships in Macau, Hong kong and Jiaozuo, China and won numerous gold medals
in taekwondo his students were first official taekwondo poomsae team champions, as well he was several times national champion and winner of few international championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Macau and Hong Kong
vote for 崔仲三 . 各位师兄弟姐妹上午好,请保持投票状态。“2015-2016年度中华传统武术十大名师”投票网址:,截止至9月20日,衷心感谢参与其中的各位同门。

The Beijing International Wushu Invitational kicks off on July 16 with 109 teams competing.

The biennial wushu festival, held since 1994 in Beijing, has become a major platform for world wushu.

Wushu is both an exhibition and contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts.

This year’s edition has attracted athletes from 11 countries and regions, including those from Japan, Austria, Spain and the US.

Beijing, China, Macau, Hong Kong, Anhui, Japan, … Gyeongju , Korea
Coach Nikola Maricic have experince teaching since 1985 will give you exercises to go deep withing your body and mind to give you extra power in daily life and heal emotions that will heal the body.
Locations: Gyeongju beginning of july, Macau all year, Beijing iddle of july, Foshan beginning of august, Chizhou middle of august, Hong Kong any time

Benefits of practicing Qigong and Taijiquan Taichi
By practising Qigong and Taichi we can reduce or completely get rid of various ailments, both physical and mental ones. Qigong and Taichi can also be of use for completely healthy, active people. Practicing qigong and taichi can give you:
• a relaxed, balanced body that is soft, easy to control and free from pain. In a soft and relaxed body the circulation works well – this is a prerequisite for good health.
• a clear mind free from distracting thoughts.
• increased patience, concentration and reduced stress.
• maintained vitality well into old age.
• better health and well-being. When you feel better, it is also easier to have better relationships.
Qigong is the oldest form of Chinese medicine and indeed the basis upon which Chinese medicine first developed. It entails learning to guide qi (amongst other things, the vital energy which differentiates life from death) through a series of movements and postures and focused mind activities. The long history of qigong has led to a wide variety of forms, some more mental, others more physical
Some Qigong Benefits:
• Strengthen your endocrine and immune system
• Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
• Achieve a deeper sense of well-being, emotional stability and balance
• Become empowered to attract positive changes into your life
• Enhance other mind-body-spiritual practices you may be following
• Deepen your connection to universal healing energy
Research found that Qigong training:
• Initiates the relaxation response; decreasing heart rate and blood pressure
• Alters the neurochemistry profile moderating pain, depression and addictive cravings, as well as optimizing immune capability
• Enhances the efficiency of the immune system through increased rate and flow of the lymphatic fluid
• Improves resistance to disease and infection and increases the efficiency of cell metabolism and tissue regeneration
• Coordinates right/left brain hemisphere dominance promoting deep sleep, reduced anxiety and mental clarity
• Induces alpha and theta brain waves which reduce heart rate and blood pressure, facilitating relaxation, and mental focus
• Moderates the function of the glands, as well as the fluid of the brain and spinal cord, which mediates pain and mood, potentiating immune function

“Professor Men Huifeng, Kan
Guixiang martial arts achievements Exhibition” opening ceremony Dongyue Taijiquan Cultural Center, was held
November 28 in
Hong Kong, Professor Men Huifeng, Professor Kan Guixiang two Grandmasters
personally visited Hong Kong, took the rare opportunity to experience the
special arrangements for the exchange of courses, taught by two Tai Chi
Taijiquan masters.

With Grandmasters Professor Kan Gui
Xiang, Professor Men Hui Feng , Grandmaster Cui Zhong San, Master and Champion
Men Gan Hong, Chinese Wushu Association president Gao Xiao Jun, wushu greatest
Li Jie, Wang You Tong laoshi, Zhang Qiuping. Also master coach Nikola Maricic
from Macau attended the event as a guest. Professor Men Hui Feng, is one of the founders
of 24, 48, 42 competition forms, also 32, 42 Sword Forms. Dong Yue Tai Ji Quan
(East Mountain Tai Chi Quan) was created by the professor and his wife, Kan Gui
Xiang, from their life experiences; learning, practicing and teaching.
Professor Men is of the ten top Wushu professors in China, and Vice President of the
Chinese National Wushu Association. He’s also the author of many martial arts
books, which are used in all Chinese Physical Universities. Professor Kan Gui
Xiang, is the founder of 42 Sword Form, and 56 Chen Style Tai Ji Quan; both
International Competition Forms. In 2000, she was on the cover of an American
Tai Chi magazine. They’ve both trained many champions at world martial arts
competitions. They’re both renowned in the world of Martial Arts.
Kan, GuiXiang is famous professor on Wu Shu in Beijing Physical
Education University. She is also Wu Shu nine Duan in China, which is the highest Wu Shu level in China..
She learned Chen-Style Tai Chi Quan from Master Tian, XiuChen, who was, in
turn, one of the best students of Chen-Style Tai Chi Master Chen, FaKe.
Professor Kan wrote over 20 books, among them “Chen-Style 36 movements Tai Chi
Quan”, “Chen-Style Tai Chi Quan for Competition”, “42 Movements Tai Chi
Sword” have been broadly used and received in all of the world.

Master Kan has been working with her husband, Professor Men, HuiFeng, in
editing a brand new style of Tai Chi Movement, which now is called “Dong Yue
Tai Chi System”. It also was officially listed in standard Tai Chi systems by
Tai Chi Quan association of China.

January 1st, 2000, as the first sunray was shining the land of China, Professor Men played Dong Yue Tai
Chi on the top of the mountain Tai Shan. Because Tai Shan mountain is called
“Dong Yue” by Chinese, the Tai Chi professor Men played then was named Dong Yue
Tai Chi Quan following the name of the mountain. At that moment there were
about 4 billion people in mire than 40 countries who watched this special
program, which simply means that Dong Yue Tai Chi Quan has been facing the
whole world since it was just born.

Dong Yue Tai Chi Quan has 15 movements. Although it is simple and
easy to learn, it contains all 5 major styles of Tai Chi – Chen, Yang, Wu (1),
Wu (2), and Sun, and becomes a brand new and independent style.

Dong Yue Tai Chi emphasizes to combine universe, mountain and
human being together becoming a one entity. Once starting movements, the player
would stand firmly as the mountain Tai Shan, feel holding sun and moon in
his/her arms, make circular movements as much as he/she could. In this way, the
player would improve his/her health gradually.

Master Men, GanHong is Master Kan’s
daughter. She started to learn Wu Shu since she was only 5 years old. She was
awarded the first place in Asia and in China with both Chen-Style and
Sun-Style Tai Chi Quan.
Hong Kong Organiser is Dong Yue Taichi
Quan International Federation Dong Yue Tai chi Studio by Master Gabriel C. M.

尼古拉斯基本功练习 Nikola Maricic , master
coach warm up routine in Beijing Taijiquan seminar with
Grandmaster Cui Zhong San 崔仲三, Yang Lu Chan lineage . Seminar was held at Chinese Wushu
Association training center. Many seminars offered by best of China Wushu , also Chinese Wushu
Association president Gao Xiao Jun and Jet Li coach Wu Bin were present during
all days. It is a great Hornor that Master Cui Zhong San led Tai Chi Demo for China
and India Primier in Heaven Temple Beijing, on May, 2015. Master Cui Zhong San is representing China
Tai Ji to China and India Leader Master Cui Zhong San led Tai Chi Demo for
Primier Li Ke Qiang in Heaven Temple 2015, May This is a beautiful Yang style Tai Chi class
taught by Master Cui in Zhongshan park near the Forbidden city.
教练馬司洋 coach Nikola Maricic 氣功太極拳澳門 Wushu Taiji Qigong teaching in Macau
中国武协三届主席齐聚高小军,李杰,崔仲三, 张耀庭先生。加上各界领导,突然变成了高峰论坛~附与张耀庭先生合照
同机达港中国武术协会历届主席张耀庭,李杰,崔仲三, 高小军及国际广播电台王友唐老师。 应邀参加东岳太极拳国际总会成立大会。

門惠豐 闞桂香教授太極體驗及交流課程 2015-11-26

中国武协三届主席齐聚高小军,李杰,崔仲三, 张耀庭先生。加上各界领导,突然变成了高峰论坛~附与张耀庭先生合照
同机达港中国武术协会历届主席张耀庭,李杰,崔仲三, 高小军及国际广播电台王友唐老师。 应邀参加东岳太极拳国际总会成立大会。

門惠豐、闞桂香教授武術成果匯展 「門惠豐、闞桂香教授武術成果匯展」將於11月28日至12月20日在香港九龍饒宗頤文化館隆重舉行。今次展覽將以圖片和視頻的形式展示兩位教授對中國武術運動發展的重要貢獻,進而傳播中國文化的重要組成部分——「武文化」。屆時將有來自國家的武術機關官員、著名的武術界同輩和國內、海外的後學光臨開幕禮。
門惠豐、闞桂香教授武術成果匯展 「門惠豐、闞桂香教授武術成果匯展」將於11月28日至12月20日在香港九龍饒宗頤文化館隆重舉行。今次展覽將以圖片和視頻的形式展示兩位教授對中國武術運動發展的重要貢獻,進而傳播中國文化的重要組成部分——「武文化」。屆時將有來自國家的武術機關官員、著名的武術界同輩和國內、海外的後學光臨開幕禮。


主講人門敢紅畢業於北京體育大學,武術七段,在中國太極拳錦標賽和世界武術邀請賽上多次獲得冠軍,曾任北京武術院教練,並在過去的十年裏作為國家裁判,頻繁參加國際賽事活動。 門敢紅出生於中國武術世家,她的父親門惠豐是中國十大武術名人之一,也是李連傑的武術老師,在中國創編了四十八式太極拳、東嶽太極拳等。門敢紅旅居韓國,目前與她的韓籍夫婿、亞運會太極拳全能冠軍梁成贊經營一家太極武術院,致力於太極拳的推廣普及工作。

在演講中,門敢紅女士主要給聽眾介紹了下面四個方面的內容: 什麼是太極拳,太極拳與傳統文化,幾大門派的特點,還有自創的東嶽太極拳。

太極拳與其它運動不同,它是一個修身養性的運動。太極拳註重內外兼修,融健身與修身養性於一體,其一招一式,似行雲流水,動中求靜,剛柔相濟,蘊含著豐富的中國傳統哲學思想和倫理觀念。太極拳不僅僅是一種拳術,它更是一種文化,可以說,文化才是太極的靈魂,了解太極拳,欣賞它的美,有助陶冶性情,感悟人生哲理。門敢紅女士用精、氣、神三個字概括了太極拳內功修煉的層次與境界,做到凝神、放松、自然、圓整,所謂「煉精化氣、練氣化神、煉神還虛、煉虛合道」 精氣神合一。

除了解釋陳氏太極拳與楊氏太極拳的異同,門女士還著重介紹了東嶽太極拳的來龍去脈。2000年世紀之交,為準備迎接「人類進入新世紀特別節目」,中國中央電視台選定在泰山極頂演練太極拳,由直升飛機繞頂拍攝,並通過衛星向全世界直播。門敢紅女士的父親門惠豐教授應邀來完成這一任務, 他與夫人闞桂香(可以想見門敢紅名字的來源!)在泰山上,為體現人與天、與山勢融為一體的浩然之氣,創編了東嶽太極拳。於2000年第一個黎明,在風力很大、下面是萬丈懸崖、又只有六米直徑的泰山極頂上,門惠豐教授成功的演練了東嶽太極拳,通過衛星向全世界播映,在太極拳史上留下了燦爛的一頁。



同机达港中国武术协会历届主席张耀庭,李杰,高小军及国际广播电台王友唐老师。 应邀参加东岳太极拳国际总会成立大会。


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