World Arthritis Day 2014 by increasing vital energy

Join, share and benefit   artritis-day-12.10

For World Arthritis Day Master coach Nikolas  is offering classes for this day to all that needs them. Feel free to contact through Laoshi Wushu inbox , wechat wushunikolas or call 66882452 or use other methods of communication if you cant come at 10 am on 12 october or just come at 10 am at 南灣湖 Lago Nam Van Lake 南灣湖水上活動中心, Macao, China near Mc Donalds and exercise especially for Arthritis. Join here and share, maybe your loved ones will not listen to you but if you share, probably ones who shared your loved ones respect and they will listen to them and strat doing something more for ease the pain

Here are more research on benefits for arthritis from exercising taijiquan taichi and qigong

my IWUF journey , my next wish is to compete at World Taijiquan Championships , will it become true … I LOVE WUSHU
in this journey you will see some of my IWUF competitions i attended on this status

2000 my first competition in Utrecht Netherland where i saw standars od IWUF Wushu so high, and i love high standards of training and competitions, since i dont believe in easy success, so i got interested to be involved with IWUF and making steps to become full member..

2003. Croatia got accepted into IWUF as full member by my work

2006 visited by LI ZHIJIAN honorary president of IWUF, in my country
for my contribution of development of Wushu in Croatia, and got IWUF plaque, wushu uniform and 17 VCD about diferent taolu standards
BEIJING 2007 World Wushu Championships

TORONTO 2009 World Wushu Championships

JIAOZUO 2007 International Taijiquan Festival

All are in IWUF calendar


T’ai Chi’s low impact causes no joint damage (unlike other higher impact exercises), while its weight-bearing aspect may encourage development of bone mass and connective tissue. WTCQD World Taichi Qigong Day Note: Those with arthritic knees may want to do modified Tai Chi forms sharing weight on both legs rather than fully centering the weight over one knee.

Harvard Health Publications  In a 40-person study at Tufts University, presented in October 2008 at a meeting of the American College of Rheumatology, an hour of tai chi twice a week for 12 weeks reduced pain and improved mood and physical functioning more than standard stretching exercises in people with severe knee osteoarthritis. According to a Korean study published in December 2008 in Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, eight weeks of tai chi classes followed by eight weeks of home practice significantly improved flexibility and slowed the disease process in patients with ankylosing spondylitis, a painful and debilitating inflammatory form of arthritis that affects the spine.
Chinese Medicine’s View of Arthritis. Chinese physicians believe arthritis has a number of different causes: joint injuries, aging, weakness in the internal organs, heredity, and joint weakness from lack of exercise. They also believe that deficiencies of internal energy (qi, or bioelectricity, in scientific terms) can cause arthritis. Depression, for example, can lead to qi deficiency and arthritis.

According to the Chinese view of illness, qi imbalance is the precursor of many diseases. Qi imbalance occurs well before the physical of disease manifest themselves. Accordingly, to cure a disease, one must address the root cause of the disease and rebalance the body’s qi.

Again according to the Chinese view, restoring a proper supply of qi and blood to the body cells affected by physical damage can repair the damaged cells. Thus, the first stage in qigong treatment for arthritis is to relax the area of the affected joints and promote qi and blood circulation in the area. Only after the practitioner has rebuilt the integrity of the joint will he or she begin the second stage of treatment, which is to exercise the muscles and tendons and strengthen them to prevent future damage to the joint.

The Qigong Approach to the Relief of Arthritis and Other Diseases

Qigong emphasizes not just working on the areas directly affected by disease, but also on rebuilding overall health and strengthening the spirit of the practitioner. Qigong has the following benefits for healing arthritis and other diseases:

Qigong maintains and increases smooth Qi circulation. The goal of Qigong healing is to reestablish a strong, smooth flow of qi through the affected areas.
Qigong strengthens the organs. Since the internal organs manage the various functions of your body, you have to take care of them first if you want to slow the aging process avoid disease.
Qigong strengthens the immune and hormone systems.
Qigong raises the spirit of vitality.

Basic Principles of Qigong Training for Relief of Arthritis

Relaxing the Body There are three successive levels of relaxation, which is one foundation of regulating the body. The first level is postural relaxation where you are able to stand comfortably and look relaxed. The second level is relaxation of the muscles and tendons. Your mind must be directed deeply into the muscles and tendons. The third level is deep relaxation which reaches into the internal organs and allows you to sense their state. Learn to relax deeply into the internal organs and to relax the muscles that enclose the organs. In the case of Qigong treatment for arthritis, only when you have reached the third level of relaxation can you lead the qi deeply into the joint where it can repair the damage. Therefore the Qigong treatment must begin with relaxed and gentle movements to smoothly increase Qi circulation. The first stage of treatment is to learn how to relax and avoid muscle/tendon tension and stress, which can increase pressure on the joint and continue to damage it. You must also place your mind on the arthritic joints. The more you bring your mind deeply into the joint and relax it, the more Qi will circulate smoothly and freely to repair the damage.

In addition to the body being relaxed, the breathing must be long, deep, and calm. When you exhale, you instinctively lead Qi to the skin surface and when you inhale you lead it inward to the bone marrow and the internal organs. Using Qigong to cure arthritis, you must inhale and exhale deeply and calmly so that you can lead the Qi deeply into the joint and on exhalation lead it outward to dissipate the excess or stagnant Qi which has accumulated in the joints. Visualize that you are breathing in and out of the damaged area.

Emotions affect breathing. Your emotions must be calm in order for your breathing to be calm. Deep breathing does not mean filling the lungs to full capacity because that would tense the muscles and interfere with the absorption of oxygen. When you regulate your breathing, the first priority is to keep the lungs calm and relaxed.

Calm and Focused Mind

The mind plays a very important role in Qigong. When the mind is strong the qi is strong.
Therefore the first step of Qigong training is to develop your mind. The first secret of a strong mind is calmness. When you reach this state, you will be able to relax deeply into your bone marrow and internal organs.

Raising the Spirit Fighting spirit is more important than anything else in a battle. Spirit is the center and root of a fight. In a battle, for a soldier to have high morale, he must know why he is fighting and how to fight. This in turn will raise his spirit, strengthen his will, and increase his patience and endurance. In order to reach the final goal of Qigong you must have three fundamental spiritual roots: will, patience, and endurance. Practicing Qigong helps rebuild one’s your confidence in their ability to treat the disease and in their ability to improve their lives. They may even begin to realize that the pain of disease is not necessarily all negative if it helps them develop the will power and perseverance to practice the Qigong exercises and make them a permanent part of their lives.

General Principles of Qigong Exercises for Arthritis.   The best time to practice is early morning, even though the pain and stiffness of arthritis are usually most severe at this time. In early morning, the Qi is most stagnant. If you can to some massage and Qigong exercises then, you should be able to relieve the stagnation and lessen the discomfort for the rest of the day. Gently and lightly massage the joints until they are warm and the Qi circulation has increased, then gradually and gently start the Qigong exercises. You should also do the exercises right before going to bed to smooth out any Qi stagnation. This will speed the repair and healing of the joints as your sleep and lessen the pain and stiffness the next morning. If you have the time, you can do the exercises at other times as well.

Arthritis has been shown to have been with us as long as creatures have had bones, there’s even evidence that ankle arthritis was present in dinosaurs by the study of fossils. Research has shown that it has been present in humans at least as far back as 4500 BC, and has been shown to be one of the most common afflictions of the prehistoric peoples. It was first closely examined and classified in William Musgraves work, De Arthritide symptomatica, written in 1715.

For conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, there is no cure, though there are often treatments that can be done. Largely these are basic health controls, including increasing exercise and working to reduce your weight. Other than that the usual treatments are pharmaceutical in nature and focus on reducing the pain of the condition rather than seeking to remove it.

Physical therapy has often been seen to be effective in helping, but the nature of the condition often impedes the implementation of such therapy. Motion hurts, but motion is shown to be among the best treatments. By keeping the joint mobile it helps to reduce the constant inflammation and has shown marked improvements in the long-term relief of the pain associated with it.

Many people associate this condition with the elderly and the health concerns that affect them, and statistical evidence supports that those over 65 are in fact the primary sufferers. But there is an often forgotten section of people who are under that age, almost 30% of all sufferers are under the age of 65, with some of them being no older than their teen years, and some rare cases existing even in the very young.

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