What Can You achieve by being coached by Nikolas , athlete, coach and performer

welcome to Louis De Camoes Garden (at gates we meet where Bruce Lee made his famous scene in one of his movies – see photo) on sunday 14 september at 3 pm, training is inside the park here is the gate 10671296_10204689092251321_7891030764788210923_nCAMOES
combination of great methods from 3 arts and sports
master coach and athlete Nikolas Maricic will guide you

what if you know how to get your bad memories and emotions turn into good thing to live beter life ? be beter stronger person… study beter .. be best athlete.. ok i teach that in my trainings … what if you know how to get your bad memories and emotions turn into good thing to live beter life ? be beter stronger person… study beter .. be best athlete.. ok i teach that in my trainings …more clearer you are beter things you have.. is an old chinese way of training ..today we call it qigong

Welcome to Louis De Camoes Garden (at 3 pm this sunday 21.september we meet at gate where Bruce Lee made his famous scene in one of his movies – see photo on left) training is inside the park . Hope more then 100 people come,  yet if only 1 come it will be great. Master coach Nikolas will guide you through basic body structure and Qigong Health exercises that will help you in your daily life, studies , work or sport, also how to use body and breathing more effectively with using your mind to better achieve things in life. And it is FREE this Sunday class.  later sign for classes weekly or monthly or even yearly to become world champion one day    Master Nikolas study and teach intensively for 29 years   Master Coach and athlete Nikolas Maricic   http://www.alivenotdead.com/nikolasmw/coach-and-athlete   Contact www.facebook.com/wushu.croatia       6688 2452   wechat, whatsapp, line, viber use mobile number 00385998335922                     here you can find a lot about his work www.facebook.com/wushunikolas
www.wushunikolas.wordpress.com    www.alivenotdead.com/nikolasmw


中秋節快樂 !!! Happy Mid Autumn Festival !!!‏ mid-nikolas-macau

Here You can see 20minutes demo and presentations videos of coach and athlete Nikolas now teaching in Macau as well as workshops around the world. From International Women organisation , Physical Education University, Championships, Senior citizen demo, Samurai night event, world taichi and qigong day, with music of famous Amy barbera, Confucius Institute demo with Nikolas laoshi, as well as Hong Kong Qigong day where coach Nikolas was invited to perform on stage in front of more then 1000 people.

Can teach all over 12 hours workshop for basic structure, internal organs, tendons and bones workout plus using the corect structure in taijiquan form and wisdom healing qigong, also can teach 12 hour workshop for athletes of any sport as well as taekwondo how to use structure to be better at their sport , organiser have to arange the dates and notify master coach Nikolas at kamenjak@hotmail.com or wechat id wushunikolas, to see when he is available, also organiser cover expenses of travel and hotel and food plus 12 hours workshop fee. Or just come to Macau and use the beautiful Macau nature to practice with your group or individualy with personal coach / personal trainer master Nikolas Poisons we take in todays world are influencing our internal system in a way people think it is giving us energy booster, actually it is draining our system, that draining we experince as energy at that moment that awakes us yet is takes energy away from us. So we are training our system to turn poisons and stress into usefull energy we call it positive energy. Let me teach you how to to do that , conact me in inbox at http://www.facebook.com/wushu.croatia or e-mail me at kamenjak@hotmail.com and come to Macau to learn And truly thirsty person is never to shy to ask for water, meaning if we seek methods for training or knowledge of any kind you will certainly ask and practice the method (drink the water) Hong Kong Qigong day presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEkdcwnYnE8& Taijiquan presentation with a group (i can perform alone too with nice choice of music) as well as Teach to your group or individually – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u38r4BU1SiM& – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgQYEdprvCU& International Womens Club presentation 2005 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCSkSzikAWA Samurai night performance 2011 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNZRnf5Zbsc Teaching at Motovun Film Festival , morning and evening classes, summer 28.7. to 1.8. 2012 – Teaching at Tunisia for 7 days , july 2012, early morning qigong mediations of internal smile and small universe meditation, 6 healing sounds, yi chin ching, 5 taoist exercise and self healing, taijiquan forms and wushu in the woods and on the beach,…. – Teaching at Opening Week of Confucius Institute in Zagreb, Croatia, called Chinese Culture Week from 14. to 18. may 2012. – Teaching in high school and University as gym class, wushu taichi and qigong program made by Nikolas recognized by Croatian Ministry of Sport, Science and Technology from 2002. to present – Netherland workshop during Netherland Open Championships organized by Stichting Taiji Netherland member of TCFE, November 17. and 18. 2001. – teaching paraplegics and tetraplegics http://www.examiner.com/tai-chi-in-national/teaching-paraplegics-tai-chi?CID=examiner_alerts_article – teaching at diabetes society and at arthritis society – and many more in 2014 3 gold medals in 56 Chen TaijiQuan Compulsory, 24 and 42 style Taijiquan In 2013. won 3 gold medals 1. Fitness Qigong Eight triagrams boxing in wushu gongli , wushu gongfa and fitness qigong performance 2. 42 style Taiji Quan , Wushu taolu championships 3. Yang style Compulsory Taiji Quan, Wushu taolu championships European taijiquan Champion, 2013 Lignano, Italy 2 gold medals at Mediterranean Wushu championships 2010. with taijiquan modern and traditional disiplines International Taijiquan Champion, 2007, Jiaozuo, China organised by Chinese Wushu Association Croatian National taekwondo poomse Champion and coach of first team croatia poomse champions in 1999. gold medal individual and with students as a team at Switzerland Open taijiquan Championships 2002.Perform everywhere to make wushu and qigong more popular, sport and method of making athletes healthier and stronger.


Also coach Nikolas wit more then 28 years experience teaching will have chinese Qigong and Taijiquan classes, learn Chinese way of exercise and meditation, at Nam van Lake in Macau, it includes taoist Yoga, active and passive meditations, taijiquan forms, 12 meridian healing, small universe meditation, Health Qigong, Chinese way of fitness and wellness, martial arts qigong, budhist qigong, medical qigong combination of winning meditations for your modern day living, making the stress work for you not against you, make every training mini vacation for you. Also champion training for taekwondo Contact master coach Nikolas at wechat/weixin id wushunikolas , or call or text message at +85366882452

long video – What You can achieve if you learn from Coach and Athlete Nikolas

Nikolas Maricic – Wolf who made croatia full member of IWUF
Nikolas wushu croatia development http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJqD1daKE50

Nikolas Maricic – Wolf was visited by Mr. Li Zhijian vice president of organising comitee for BEijing Olympics and
Mr. Liu Yuanfu Deputy Secretary General Chinese Olympic Comitee in 2006
and he is representative and general manager since 2002. for Croatian
Wushu (with association registered in city of zagreb wich by Olympic comitee regulations was legal way to represent Croatia in international events)

At International Taijiquan Jiaozuo Championship 2007
(home of Taijiquan, China Nikolas won Gold medal with 42 form
he is also great athlete and coach as well as instructor.
Won two Gold medals at Open Switzerland Championship in 2002.
and one bronze medal at European taijiquan Championship in 2000.

Master Nikolas Maricic – wolf was oficialy
competing at 2 world wushu championships in 2007 in Beijing and in 2009 ,
Toronto, Canada
in 2007 master Nikolas won prestigious International
taijiquan Championship in Jiaozuo, China next to place of origin of
taijiquan, and this event was organised by Chinese Wushu federation
…… so this
gold medal was FIRST medal for Croatia for spot of WushuNikolas
introduced Croatia to IWUF in 2001 and thanks to his effort and love
for wushu Croatia was accepted as full member of IWUF in 2003 but since
lacking of support and funding from croatian firms and officials he
waited for first championship that is organised by IWUF in 2007
year 2000 Nikolas won bronze medal at European taijiquan Championships
and in 2002 gold medal at Switzerlan Open taijiquan Championships as
well as gold medal with his team wich comprised of his students Vedran
Hajduk, Neven Jovanovic and Sinisa Moras as well as Nikolas and one of
his students Sinisa Moras won bronze medal At the same time

Master Nikolas teaches Wushu IWUF program , taijiquan old
styles Yang and Chen and contemporary styles, nanquan and chanquan ,
sanda and taekwondo plus qigong for health and strength physical as well
as mental. e-mail wushucroatia@gmail.com


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