Meditation in Macau

hi everyone , Amit the Yogi is here in Macau at Riviera just 5 minute walk from A-Ma Temple. tradition will be the same. Meditation at 730am and 730pm everyday from 28th may to 28th june. Dinner is provided after evening meditation BUT now we will have indian cuisine. if you are interested to join us pls call Mr. Lee +85362473884. Meditation Yoga Health and Power Macau, join classes

Also coach Nikolas will have chinese Qigong classes at Sai Van Lake in Macau, it includes taoist Yoga, active and passive meditations, taijiquan forms, 12 meridian healing, small universe meditation, Health Qigong, Chinese way of fitness and wellness, martial arts qigong, budhist qigong, medical qigong combination of winning meditations for your modern day living, making the stress work for you not against you, make every training mini vacation for you. Contact master coach Nikolas at wechat id wushunikolas , +85366882452



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