Welcome to International Macau Wushu Martial Arts Festival

Welcome to 4th Macau Inyternational Martial Arts Wushu Festival fro 16 to 19 august 2015. http://www.macau-wsj.com International wushu tournament 2015 Macau joined by schools all over the world 2aca4b5522b6595     here is album from last one https://www.facebook.com/wushu.croatia/media_set?set=a.10203961365738613.1073741850.1356570189&type=3 . if you wanna attend as competitior and you are in Macau i can prepare you very well, call me 66882452. i can prepare you for taijiquan, qigong, wushu styles, taekwondo kyorugi and poomsae, ….

第三届澳门国际武术节于2014年6月8-11日举行        2014 – The 3rd Macau International Martial Arts Festival and the Macau International Budo Competition offer major martial arts sports and cultural activities and are organized by the Macao Chinese Traditional Sports Association, the Chinese Wushu Department, Xi’an Institute of Physical Education and the German Wuyi Athletic Gym. 

The events are scheduled for June 8 to June 11 2014 at the Macau Forum.

Video of past events , welcome in 2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNCeekP_ThM


International Wushu Festival in Macau You can attend for Wushu Taolu, Health Qigong, Poomsae, Taekwondo kyorugi WTF fights sparring Sanda, Jeet Kune Do, more about it here if you plan to come.
and http://www.macau-wsj.com/en
The events are scheduled for June 8 to June 11 2014 at the Macau Forum.


  2014年第三届澳门国际武术节是由澳门中华民族传统体育协会主办的大型体育文化活动,是中外武术界共同期待的一次盛会。 本次活动得到了西安体院、武汉体院、广州体院等多所体育院校以及澳门武术总会、德国武艺体育会、美洲蔡李佛联会等国内外武术团体的大力协助和支持。



This event provides an extraordinary opportunity to experience the full range of martial arts. On the various competition floors you can admire a wide range of traditional Wushu,modern Taolu,San Shou Kickboxing,Jeet Kune Do,Tae Kwon Do,Qi Gong and fitness exercises.

The festival intends to promote international martial arts and cultural exchanges, enhance friendship and help the attending martial artists to improve their skills.

The competition will not only include a wide variety of wushu styles and techniques, but also further disciplines such as Shuai Jiao(Chinese wrestling), Tae Kwon Do and other martial arts styles. During the festival we will organize presentations including live demonstrations on Wushu culture held by the masters in various disciplines. You will also have the opportunity to engage in dialogs with these masters.In addition we will select the very best masters and provide them with the opportunity to describe their owndevelopment and their martial arts philosophy.

The Macau festival provides an extraordinary opportunity for Wushu friends from around the world to meet and share the importance and positive influence of martial arts.

Macau combines fascinating history as former Portuguese colony and Chinese culture of temples, shrines and small eateries with being the “Vegas of the East” and the only place with legal gambling in China. Macau will be well prepared to greet elite martial arts from around the world, who can not only enjoy the mutual exchange of learning and skills, but also appreciate local culture and experience Macau’s unique scenery and rich entertainment.

For more information please contact:



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第三届澳门国际武术节暨澳门同际武道大赛将于2014年6月8 —11日隆重举行。本次大赛是由澳门巾华民族传统体育协会主办,艘体鮮院武术系、翻武艺体疗会共m协办的大咽体夂化活动,是巾外武术界并關待的-次盛会。?次活动得 到广澳门武术总会、武汉体院、广州体院等N内外多个武术团体及体脊院校的大力支持。武术节以“崇德尚武、 弘扬中华功夫文化”为宗旨,以推进国际武术文化交流,增进友谊,提髙技艺为目的。本次盛会除各武术拳种、流派随艺、功法竞技外还增设了中国式摔跤、始拳道等中外经典民族体育项目的竞赛,届时还将举办“武术文化讲坛、武林尊者荐if、优秀举种评选、武星成长历程”等丰細武术文化活动,来 丨‘丨丨丨丨:界各地的武林同仁将JtM见证此次盛会并亲身体会 K:深远意义和重要影响。第三届澳门国际武术节暨澳门国际武道大赛即将举行@小孟<正>第三届澳门国际武术节暨澳门同际武道大赛将于2014年6月8 —11日隆重举行。本次大赛是由澳门中华民族传统体育协会主办,西安体育学院武术系、德国武艺体育会共同协办的大型体育文化活动,是中外武术界共同期待的一次盛会。本次活动得


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