Welcome You to Free exercises 歡迎 蒞臨澳門參加第十六 屆世界太極拳及氣功日

Videos of this day, all of you are welcome take your group with you for this free exercises

more informations here   https://wushunikolas.wordpress.com/worldtaichiqigongday/ 

歡迎 蒞臨澳門參加第十六 屆世界太極拳及氣功日, 太極拳及氣功日 是武術教練尼古拉斯馬力奇奇於2000 年創辦,而今年是第一次在澳門舉行 
 請於4月26日上午10時到南灣湖 與尼古拉斯教練一起参與此活動。歡迎個人及團體参加。

Welcome to free exercises for world taichi and qigong day on saturday 26 april 10 am at Nam van lake (location at the photo) as well for all

free exercises at same place on 22 and  24 april at 5 pm, welcome to exercise with me those 3 times or at your convinience

call 66882452 or just come today , thursday and saturday , see you all , hope many of you come 



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