Macau World TaiChi & Qigong day last saturday in april 2015 at 10 a.m. join us all over the world , lets share experience and promote it even more so more people get the benefit, i do it since 2000 every year, in Croatia and now in Macau for second year already and wechat wushunikolas to start a class or join this wonderfull World Wide Event . Many officials have made it public day , many have comfirmed its benefit as Croatian president did for my event, and Ministry of health too. Lets expand even more this year

Master Coach Nikolas appears shortly in CCTV “Behind the Mystery” Series: Taijiquan 太极拳秘境 from 2.52 to 2.59 coach Nikolas red pants and white t-shirts

More at and

New video

2014-wang-nikolas-helenkoh happy-new2014 happy-new2014-1 happy-new2014-macau happy-new2014-macau-wynn-opera happy-new2014-opera happy-new2014-photo happy-new2014-yoga happyyear-worldtaichidayhere is the Master coach and some of his work, and next he is gonna teach and perform
and you can join at and ask for details.
Learn qigong , taijiquan (taichi) wushu, taekwondo in Macau 

learn from international master coach Nikolas Maricic in Macau
come to in last saturday in april at 10 a.m. worldwide join in your city or if you are traveling feel free to join wherever you are and experience benefits. i have one in Macau and you can join my students in Zagreb, Croatia. See You.
P.S. you can come earlier to and practice few months already .

Nikolas Maricic Wushu — wushunikolas
introduced Croatia to IWUF in 2000 and made it full member in 2003.
cell phone only for applications like wechat, whatsapp, line, viber,..+ 385 98 930 9953

10 international gold medals (plus 7 national)
1. gold medal at European Taijiquan and Internal Arts Championships TCFE, Italy 2013.
2. 3 gold medals at International Wushu Champinships , Hong Kong 2013.
3. 2 gold medals at Mediterranean Wushu championships 2010.
4. gold medal at International taichi champinships in Jiaozuo, China organised by chinese wushu association 2007.
5. gold medal at inernational Hallelujah Taekwondo Championhips 2011.
6. gold medal individual and with students as a team at Switzerland Open taijiquan Championships 2002.

Some of Nikolas teachings here
– Teaching at Motovun Film Festival , morning and evening classes, summer 28.7. to 1.8. 2012
– Teaching at Tunisia for 7 days , july 2012, early morning qigong mediations of internal smile and small universe meditation, 6 healing sounds, yi chin ching, 5 taoist exercise and self healing, taijiquan forms and wushu in the woods and on the beach,….
– Teaching at Opening Week of Confucius Institute in Zagreb, Croatia, called Chinese Culture Week from 14. to 18. may 2012.
– Teaching in high school and University as gym class, wushu taichi and qigong program made by Nikolas recognized by Croatian Ministry of Sport, Science and Technology from 2002. to present
– Netherland workshop during Netherland Open Championships organized by Stichting Taiji Netherland member of TCFE, November 17. and 18. 2001.
– teaching paraplegics and tetraplegics…
– teaching at diabetes society and at arthritis society
– and many more

more info about organiser wushunikolas history can find at and as well on facebook
We gather last saturday in april 2014. at 10 a.m. at Macauworld-day-macau Nam Van Lake platform opposite pink goverment building. The gathering is free and be ready to follow and relax , we will do wisdom healing qigong zhineng as well as wuji qigong and taijiquan forms , usualy just follow the master and enjoy the energy field created all around the world.

Photo from last year event (lokacija za Hrvatsku 2014 godine je na ovoj slici – dodjite zadnju subotu u travnju ovdje u 10 sati)



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