Master Nikolas teaching also in Macau

if your body is injured
if you need faster recovery
if you want your hormons work beter for you
without harmfull pills, powders,…
if you want beter sport results, or business results, …
with natural exercises that makes you stronger , more relaxed in action
then come to a class with me ,
contact me at or here

3 gold medals won by Nikolas Maricic – Wolf, master coach and also he is winner of mediterranean wushu games, european taijiquan Champion, international champion from Jiaozuo, China,…. teacher of all these arts , experince in teaching to diferent groups since 1985
also teaching free at Zagreb senior home qigong and taijqiuan as well as luk tung kuen exercise Ha Kinh, as well soon in Macau Macao
international master coach and champion, mediterranean and european wushu taijiquan champion and qigong teacher nikolas maricic – wolf is preparing to teach in macau so if you interested visit his blog and contact him. contact info and about master experience at he is teaching it as a sport so you can compete in wushu and sanda and kickboxing and taekwondo as well as for health and stress menagament, making body stronger, immunity better,you more relaxed and efficient in workplace and sport results…
國際大師教練和冠軍,地中海和歐洲武術太極拳冠軍和氣功師空間Nikolas Maricic準備在澳門任教,所以如果你有興趣訪問他的博客和他聯繫。聯繫信息及有­關掌握在www.wushunikolas.wordpress.com經驗,他教它­作為一項運動,所以你可以參加武術散打和跆拳道,跆拳道以及健康和壓力menagam­ent的,使身體更強壯,免疫力更好,更加輕鬆和高效的工作場所和體育賽事結果…
武术大汇演 – 龙传武魂 武术 太极拳 氣功 炁功


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