some of nice wushu videos / come learn wushu with us

how well Wushu athletes from Malaysia teach younger generations what life is about, i love it , i share it here, and i speak about them often, they are representing wushu in its best. Malaysia Wushu is the best in the World. Amazing champion, amazing story, and Diana , my best friend does represent Malaysia in flying colours in mayor Wushu events and her education is amazing . champion all the way

Diana Bong is back after injury, amazing in such hard sport to be back only great spirit of a champion can do it. and Diana Bong is top world wushu athlete one thing that is not easy to achieve, she is my inspiration as well as her team from Malaysia that i found best in the world not just in sport of wuhsu but for their amazing stories i would like to everyone learn from them. Jiayou, Malaysia wushu the greatest

Nikolas made my Croatia full member of International Wushu Federation, attended 2 world wushu championships both as athlete and official and as well coach and athlete Nikolas was at Mediterranean Cup and International Championships in China in place where Taijiquan was created he took all together 3 gold medals. in his country he is not recognized so still  work hard to promote it. hope people will realize  the quality of service he offers and come to his classes and attend his seminars

wushu coach and athlete


HAPPY International Wushu Practitioner´s Day – WUSHU FOREVER
if you are not part of it join it all over the WORLD
greatest WUSHU VIDEO HERE and soon will be again Wushu International Practioner Day 

The great Wushu action from greatest Wushu Movie , and it is produced by Jackie Chan and directed by Antony Szeto

and here is trailer for movie Wushu 


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