Speed Reading Seminar – Seminar Brzog Citanja

Mind Speed Reading Seminar for fast application in one day or 5 hours of seminar with coach Nikolas – you can call him for your group (students, business, athletes,..) in your city or country . Feel free to read first and contact him after you see benefits for your group or individuals. Helping you make your group work more efficiently.  Coach is international and mediterranean wushu champion and teached speed reading to many groups. Let Yours be the next one In relatively short time , and enjoyable time with us, you will learn basic techniques and exercises and starting to implement in business and daily life. Probaly you have a lot of unread material waiting for you, from reports, books, dokuments,and probably you even don’t have time for pleasure reading and self development reading. It is a loss of time and money if you do so. At our place you will learn how to do it, and without stress, and you will start to use natural capacities of your mind, which Einstein said that , sadly, we use only 10 % of their natural cappabilities. Also as an integral part of our Program we prepare for Speed Mind Reading with an ideal Stress Management technique you can do wherever you need it before making sound decisions, preparing for a meeting, for competitions,…etc. That means that for 300 page book You needed 10 hours, now you will need only 3 hours will better understanding. « MIND SPEED READING STRATEGY SEMINAR WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO READ EVERYTHING 3 times faster and effective than you are reading right now !» After only 240 minutes on our Speed Mind Reading Seminar … Average graduate reads Double then before ! – read better and gain more knowledge (that is the reason better readers earn 2 – 1 more money) – – Gain expertise in all areas ! – Complete you reading fast and efficient, which leaves you with more time and energy for other things ! Getting through your reading in 1/3 of the time means MORE TIME for novels, success books, spiritual books, golf, tennis, taichi, …. Researches shows that by doing T’aiChi you can too gain the skills necessary for Mind Speed reading. You can visit http://www.helistaichi.hr – gain more knowledge – increase your business and management skills – ease your workload – earn more money – get clearer thinking – better grades in school and on College – better sport results With Mind Speed Reading techique you learn to use your brain / mind differently, meaning, we can read more than average 212 words per minute Other benefits: Better sight and concentration in sport, life and workplace. Invest in Yourself and your loved ones and CALL 00385/98-9123-179 local:098/912-3179 As one saying goes: if you keep doing what you have done so far your results will be the same. We will do something different which is natural progres from A B C to reading books to visual reading,… After only 90 minutes of exercises … the average person reads 3 to 5 times faster! Irony is that in this new digital time available to us large amounts of information, but given the progress of science and information technology, our speed of reading is old. It is shameful for with little training, the brain can absorb and give importance to information. But we only absorb the information as fast as we can hear the sound of each word (we call subvocalization). For most of you it is only 250 to 300 words per minute, not faster than your non computer ancestors. For most of you, the digital era should did not come. have a huge ability to reading. We have not even touched top of iceberg how quickly we can read. We were not even aware of what is our capacity to read. Our visual part (which we will activate with exercises in our program) has the ability to read a page full of text in 1 / 20 second. Enough to quickly turn around the page, we would be able to process the brain faster than some can see it. This means that our eyes have the capacity reading books in the average 6 to 26 seconds. So that is 700 to 1000 words per minute easily available to us. Key or the solution to increase speed is to read by viewing. What are the obstacles that prevents us to quickly read: Regresion – or returning to thetext. This not only slows us, but also reduces comprehension Bad habits that are manifested in several ways such as the patter, moving lips, which most often means that we have Auditive reader – most difficult obstacle to overcome and the means that we are used to read and hear the words in mind. Fiksations – stopping or pause in views when the view goes to the next fixation point. Our problem is that freezes word by word. Exercise will increasefiksations, ie the number of words. All these obstacles reduce the concentration and understanding. Paradox with slow reading is that the concentration of damage, polls show a close relationship between speed and understanding. Progress table testing of thousands of people who practiced reading, found in most cases to increase the reading speed and increase understanding. Read more! 15. minutes a day reading books about success (or other books in your interest) is  18 books a year average without speed reading (approximately 300 pages each). And with speed reading imagine where will that take you in your area of study ..? Qigong / learn some qigong that can give you more clear mind and healthy body so you can learn in all times even  when not feeling like studying but have time limit for learning something. YOUr INSTRUCTOR Nikolas mobile 098/9123-179 wushucroatia@gmail.com The course trains already thousands of people By crossing the border FROM 600 WORDS per minute. Some came and to over 900words per minute. In only 4 hours. NOT QUESTION Is this possible since all possible Scientific researches are made, but is QUESTION are you willing to practice and APPLY To save you your valuable time I learned something new, increased concentration, to use stress in your advantage instead stress using you. contact me at wushucroatia at gmail.com or on facebook http://www.facebook.com/wushu.croatia Medan, Philippines, manila, Jakarta, kuala Lumpur, Penang, Hong kong, Venezia, Venice, Trieste, jambi city, Latvia, Sheng Zhen qigong, Jing Li, Sestri Levante, Genoa, genova, Chengdu, Lugo, washington, district of Columbia, New York, Emiglia Romagna, speed reading courses, speed reading courses for managers, speed reading courses for students, speed reading courses for teachers, speed reading courses for legislators, speed reading courses for lawyers, speed reading courses for realtors, speed reading courses for schools, speed reading courses for financial analysts, reading courses, speed reading, speedreading, speedreading 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memorije, jacanje kraljeznice i tetiva, i za bolje rezultate na poslu, skoli i sportu. Upisi i rezervacije na broj 098 930 9953 i wushucroatia@gmail.com trener Nikolas Maricic – Wolf je prvak u Kini i prvak Mediterana i strucnjak koji je poducavao u skolama, firmama, fitness klubovima, ….


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