Summer Cooling Exercises with Taiji ( taiChi ) and Qigong. 3 to 7 days with instructor will give You more energy, better holiday, better structure and a tool for relaxation and stress management

Mr. Nikolas Maricic – Wolf and Croatian Wushu TaiChi Qigong Center Helis who will according to Your needs  taech a Program with You, teach TaiChi Qigong to Your clients and You.

TaiChi is an ancient exercise Program wich activate all meridians and inner organs and get the energy flowing for stress management and better use of the energy. We use forms and pushing hands. Forms we use are 8, 13, 24, 42, 48 and long Yang Lu Chen and Yang Cheng Fu as wel as Chen Style + differnt wushu kung fu routines. The basic principles are the same for all forms and You will learn them at the seminar. Taijiquan or TaiChiChuan is the best Qigong method.
Qigong or ChiKung is few thousand years old integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It consist of movements, breathing, smile, sounds, affirmations and visualisation. We use TaiChi Qigong, 12 meridian Qigong, Wuji Qigong, Hunyuan qigong, Fang Shuei Qigong and 5 elements Qigong You will do it at the seminar.
Program is consisted of body structure exercises, balancing brain, qigong , taichi forms: 8, 13, 16, 24, 42, 48 and long Yang Cheng Fu & Yang Lu Chen forms, streching exercises, meditations small universe, inner smile and six healing sounds …

To endure through this warm summer we do a lot of cooling of inner organs and practice the tendons.
Nikolas Maricic – Wolf , instructor advisor is taeching Martial Arts for 27 years and TaiChi & Qigong for 19 years. He used TaiChi & Qigong with his students who were national Taekwondo and Kickboxing Champions. In the process he teached a lot of people of all ages, from 4 to 98 years young. He teached members of International Women’s Club in Zagreb (, Zagreb Diabetes Society ( and as official organiser of (recognized by UN World Health Organisation) gave training for osteporosis ( He teached taichi to kids( and also combination of streching, aerobic and martial arts( YOu can benefit from all this experience. Come experience ENERGY!He is organiser of  in Croatia from 2000. Appeared many times on Croatian National Television on health benefits TaiChi & Qigong can offer. His main teachers are many Masters from China, Master Mantak Chia, Master Erle Montaigue and Master of Shaolin Kung Fu and TaiChi Michaela Knoll.

The Honorable Mr. Li Zhijian, Vice Sports Minister of China, Vice President of the Chinese Olympic Committee, vice president of organising comitee for BEijing Olympics and Honorary President of the IwuF and the Honorable Mr. Liu Yuanfu Deputy Secretary General Chinese Olympic Comitee meet with Nikolas Maricic – Wolf in 2006. for the development of Wushu and Taijiquan here in Croatia. He then received offical Wushu uniform, IWUF pledge and 17 VCDs for Taijiquan from them. He is official representative for Croatia in IWUF offical body for contemporary Wushu and Taijiquan: as well as instructor for World TaijiBoxing Association. Nikolas Maricic – Wolf Program was recognised by Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and sport.

This year event photos You can find at: and the article was published at – Diabetes on TV    SPORT NEWS   SPORT NEWS  DAILY NEWS   MARTIAL ART MAGAZINE MORE
We are in bussiness of expanding Your success from 1985. You just need to call us and come to Your trial lesson.
Our Master is experienced in All Style Karate, Taekwondo, Yoga and TaiChi & Qigong.
He is organiser of in Croatia from 2000. Appeared many times on Croatian National Television on health benefits TaiChi & Qigong can offer. Many scientific research are made and You can find about them.
His main teachers are Master Mantak Chia, Master Erle Montaigue and Master of Shaolin Kung Fu and TaiChi Michaela Knoll.
Come experience energy field and increase Your energy and change Your life for better.

More benefits are on :
minimum 10 , maksimum 40 = 12 Euro per hour per person
6 days , one hour daily – total = 70 Euro per person
6 days 2 hours daily = 130 Euro per person
6 days 3 hous daily – 180 Euro per person

Thank You in advance and for all information feel free to contact us.

Here is a list of events for Croatian Tai Chi Center Helis. Feel free to contact us with more information on any of our events.
Weekend seminar on TaiChi & Qigong and Mind Speed Reading each lasting 4 hours to get basics and exercise Program You can use
Companies, Schools, Universities, Familes and Sport Clubs are welcome to call us for their needs.
We organise seminars and trips to Master Mantak Chia, Erle Montaigue and Shaolin Temple. Grups are also welcome.

Benefits: of Practising TaiChi and Qigong as researched at major world Universities and Hospitals:

GENERAL BENEFITS: [T’ai Chi] teaches inner strength while toning muscles, increasing flexibility, and boosting immune power. It is also said to reduce stress, store up energy, increase body awareness, and improve balance and coordination. T’ai Chi was the closely held secret of a few Chinese families for nearly 1,000 years… Men’s Health Magazine. 8 Mar/Apr ’93 p. 66-69
GERIATRIC FITNESS. Prevention Magazine reported that “T’ai Chi may be the best exercise for people over the age of 60 … providing cardio fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility all in one simple workout that is easy on the joints.” Also, other studies show that T’ai Chi is by far the best balance conditioner. Research finding that T’ai Chi may also lessen tissue brittleness even further adds to the case that T’ai Chi is the best possible exercise for seniors.
IMMUNE SYSTEM: A study conducted in China indicates that T’ai Chi may increase the number of T lymphocytes in the body. Also know as T-Cells, these lymphocytes help the immune system destroy bacteria and possibly even tumor cells Prevention Magazine V. 42, May 90, p.14-15

wushu qigong stagewushu kung fu qigong


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