Who is Cukon Angelica

Name: Cukon Angelica

(Croatian father,Italian mother)

Date of birth: 18/07/1986

Place: Bergamo, Italy

Level: Black belt 2°duan (2004), trainer (2005)

I started train WUSHU when I was 7 (1993);

before I did Classical Dance and Gymnastic.

Occupation: Athlete & Coach (Croatia Wushu Team)


-1996: first medal

– Italian Champion from 1999 (reached the age to compete in Italian Championship) to 2009

– Member of Italy Wushu Team since 2000 to 2007


2000: European Championship – Rotterdam (Holland)

1°place: Nangun

2°place: Nandao

3°place: Nanquan

2002: European Championship – Povoa De Varzim (Oporto – Portugal)

1°place: Nangun

1°place: Nanquan

2°place: Nandao

2003: World Championship – Macao (China)

4°place: Nangun

9°place: Nanquan

2004: European Championship – Moscow (Russia)

1°place: Nangun

2°place: Nanquan

2°place: Nandao

2005: World Championship – Hanoi (Vietnam)

8°place: Nangun

9°place: Nandao

10°place: Nanquan

2006: European Championship – Lignano (Italy)


2007: World Championship – Beijing (China)

12°place: Nangun

2008-2009: One year in China – Changzhou (Jiangsu province)

Training with Tong Hui Laoshi 童慧 老师 (上海体院大学毕业),in Changzhou TiXiao 常州体校

2008-2009 NEW EVE: Called by Prof.Li Wei 李威 老师 to take part at the New Eve Show of Chengdu Sport University 成都体育学院 (Sichuan province)


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