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business card from master NikolasYou are welcome to these pages where you can find benefit for You and start Your program.

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Hrvatski Taiji Centar Helis je za Kup Mediterana  dobio financijsku donaciju od Strane Primorsko Goranske Zupanije 3.000,00 kuna Zahvaljujemo se donatoru na prepoznavanju kvalitete i važnosti projekata Centra i trenera te ocekujemo i daljnjesudjelovanje i ostalih donatora/sponzora  UDRUGA “HRVATSKI TAIJI CENTAR HELIS”,Žr.rn. PBZ 2340009-1110239204, OIB 21270965021

Travel to China and possibly attend one of great competitions in China with keepers of the systems teaching there (Nikolas took gold medal on of that big competitions organised by Chinese Wushu Federation)  . Arrange Your tour or for Your group,

You can start with our Program for better reading , including qigong awareness training, reading faster and comprehending better – apply at

Contact master coach directly at mobile + 385 98 9123 179 or for e-mail croatia event video and photos

demo before 2000 people

on national TV
some photos with music on wushu in croatia
demo before few thousand people at International Animal Day

many links here too

Here you can see development and activities
of wushu and qigong coach and athlete
Nikolas Maricic – Wolf who made croatia full member of IWUF

Nikolas wushu croatia​watch?v=yJqD1daKE50

Nikolas Maricic – Wolf was visited by Mr. Li Zhijian vice president of organising comitee for BEijing Olympics and
Mr. Liu Yuanfu Deputy Secretary General Chinese Olympic Comitee in 2006
and he is representative and general manager since 2002. for Croatian
Wushu (with association registered in city of zagreb wich by Olympic comitee regulations was legal way to represent Croatia in international events)

At International Taijiquan Jiaozuo Championship 2007
(home of Taijiquan, China Nikolas won Gold medal with 42 form
he is also great athlete and coach as well as instructor.
Won two Gold medals at Open Switzerland Championship in 2002.
and one bronze medal at European taijiquan Championship in 2000.

Master Nikolas Maricic – wolf was oficialy
competing at 2 world wushu championships in 2007 in Beijing and in 2009 ,
Toronto, Canada
in 2007 master Nikolas won prestigious International
taijiquan Championship in Jiaozuo, China next to place of origin of
taijiquan, and this event was organised by Chinese Wushu federation
…… so this
gold medal was FIRST medal for Croatia for spot of WushuNikolas
introduced Croatia to IWUF in 2001 and thanks to his effort and love
for wushu Croatia was accepted as full member of IWUF in 2003 but since
lacking of support and funding from croatian firms and officials he
waited for first championship that is organised by IWUF in 2007
year 2000 Nikolas won bronze medal at European taijiquan Championships
and in 2002 gold medal at Switzerlan Open taijiquan Championships as
well as gold medal with his team wich comprised of his students Vedran
Hajduk, Neven Jovanovic and Sinisa Moras as well as Nikolas and one of
his students Sinisa Moras won bronze medal At the same time

Master Nikolas teaches Wushu IWUF program , taijiquan old
styles Yang and Chen and contemporary styles, nanquan and chanquan ,
sanda and taekwondo plus qigong for health and strength physical as well
as mental. +385989123179 (mobile) or e-mail

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